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  • Private Personal Training
  • Group Boot-Camps
  • Program Design / Goal Setting
  • Calisthenics (Body Weight Training)

Overcome Plateaus. Reach your Goals. Increase Health and Athleticism

CanFitPro Certified Personal Trainer & Progressive Calisthenic Instructor

Darcy Rusling


Force. Strength. Power.

I’m Darcy Rusling, your new personal trainer 🙂

I help people in Simcoe, Ontario and Norfolk County improve their fitness, health and well being through a combination of exercises and functional movements to provide fun and effective training sessions.

If your goal is weight loss, strength development, injury rehab, cardiovascular training, better mobility and flexibility or you just want have some fun with different movements.

We break down the steps necessary to reach your goal and develop a strategic plan to get you there.

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Darcy Rusling, Fuerza Fitness

Canfitpro Certified Personal Trainer

Fuerza Fitness Personal Training Simcoe

Norfolk County's Personal Trainer

Fuerza Fitness - Force - Strength - Power

With Fuerza Fitness, you’re getting more than just personal training – You’re unlocking access to a variety of events, tactics and strategies to improve your mind and body, serving all of Norfolk County.

Boot camp in the park

Group Bootcamps!

Bootcamps are your high intensity interval training sessions. Every class includes a variety of exercises that will challenge your strength and cardiovascular fitness for every level. All while having a laugh with your friends.

Planks and Resistance


 learn to move your body in ways that will develop strength, balance, athleticism and proprioception (awareness of a body in motion).

Carrying Concrete

1-on-1 Private Training!

Private personal training allows you a direct line to a customized plan designed for your precise needs. Private sessions will keep you on route to a better you. Under a watchful eye you will remain free of injury and pushed towards your greatest potential.

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